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CalArt EXPO 2022

Identity Design

Reflecting CalArts’ experimental ethos, the Institute’s CalArts Expo features creatively adventurous and imaginative projects by students, faculty, and alumni representing every school at CalArts. Highlighting projects created during the current academic year, before moving online in 2020, CalArts Expo annually presented work by over 500 artists in 21 venues from afternoon to late evening throughout campus, including installations, concerts, dance, electronic performances, theater portfolios, projections, films, artist talks, and experience design. On May 5, 2022, Expo returns to campus in person. CalArts Expo 2022 highlights the immense creativity of the CalArts community and confronts new artistic and performative challenges of our current pandemic landscape in a profound and creative way.

Collaborated with Luyao Zhang and Mandy Jin

Not Package

‘"Not Package" is derived from my previous experience as a packaging designer, which I primarily worked on snack packaging designs. Packages are typically seen as disposable once the contents are consumed, considered mere trash by most.  For me, they represent countless hours of hard work. I hope for these packages to have a "second life" beyond their original purpose, transforming into long-lasting objects with continued significance.

To achieve this, I took elements from the original packaging designs, including ingredient info and bar codes, and recombined them into new patterns. These patterns were then applied to typical long-lasting objects. The result was showcased in a virtual exhibition.

This approach challenges the conventional notion of packaging as disposable, encouraging viewers to reevaluate their perception of these objects. I hope to foster a greater appreciation for the artistry and creativity involved in packaging design, emphasizing its role as a window into the character and values of the products it represents.

Addtionally ,by drawing attention to the transformative possibilities of packaging, I aspire to inspire a shift in consumer behavior towards more sustainable choices. Through the "Not Package" project, I strive to instill a sense of responsibility and mindfulness in audiences, urging them to consider the environmental impact of packaging waste and seek alternative ways to reduce, reuse, and repurpose.

Patterns Redesign

VR Exhibition of ‘No packaging’

Infornation pages showed in VR space 

Green Planet


The Green Planet Project is a direct result of my volunteer experience in the Animal Protection Community during my university years. Inspired by this invaluable experience, my aim is to convey the concept of the ecological self and foster eco-friendly behaviors through a conscious perspective. With the project, I have designed a core role that plays a pivotal role in driving change. By creating the Green Planet Treaty, role-play activities, and an accompanying app, I intend to expand individual identities through empathy, facilitating a transition from the social self to the ecological self.

The foundation of The Green Planet Project lies in the notion of the ecological self. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of all living beings and recognizes the impact of our actions on the environment. By promoting this perspective, the project aims to awaken a sense of responsibility and mindfulness towards the natural world.

MUUS Avatar

The MUUS studio avatar is a delightful little astronaut, embodying the spirit of exploration that lies at the heart of MUUS as a creative agency. This charismatic character serves as a symbolic representation of the studio's commitment to pushing boundaries, venturing into uncharted territories, and embracing innovation.

With a friendly and approachable demeanor, the MUUS astronaut invites clients, collaborators, and audiences to join in the exhilarating journey of creativity. The character serves as a reminder that the team at MUUS is dedicated to pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and continuously seeking fresh perspectives.


Package Design Collections

In 2017-2019, as a packaging designer, I undertook several projects that encompassed both traditional Chinese packaging and modern packaging designs. These projects aimed to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation by exploring new approaches to images, materials, and illustration techniques. My goal was to deliver unique and captivating experiences to consumers through the packaging designs.

Chinese origional nuts’ packages
A traditional Chinese style package consisted of 6 different sort of nuts.

The Design of Chips’ Package
Chip package design in 3 flavors of potato, the package can also be fun to read.

‘Hoarding’ Bag
Refuse to stock up --- Statement shooping bag design

Toufu Burger’s Design
For vegetarians, this one may make sense to them.